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Golgotha Burial Ground

Oldest continuously operated Boat Shop in America (1793)

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In 1903, through the generosity of Amesbury native Gayden Morrill, “Golgotha” the burial ground of the first settlers of Amesbury, was donated to the Association and is still maintained by the group.

Golgotha Burial Ground is located next to 52 Macy Street and was the burial ground of Amesbury’s first settlers. The AIA installed a plaque and stone in 1903. The plaque reads, ‘Memorial to the first settlers of Amesbury 1654 and their first burial ground, AIA 1903.” There are no gravestones left, but it is thought that there are about 40 people buried here, many of them children.

The Amesbury Improvement Association is an all-volunteer organization

formed in 1886 to enhance the natural beauty of Amesbury,

preserve its history, and make it a more attractive place to live and work.

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Photo courtesy of Royal Feltner